We develop organizations that recognize that the way we have been organized in the past, does no longer answer to the challenges of the future

“Flock proved to be extremely flexible and effective.

If you ever consider building an Obeya, make sure you consider teaming up with Flock as well.”

Jacqueline Lampe

“Dolf and Bart helped us define our unique culture. It was very inspiring to work with them. Time and time again they succeeded to involve the entire organization. The results are tangible and allow Digital Power to move forward independently. They really challenged us and brought us closer together. We are now more effective because we understand our organization better than before.”

René de Boer
CEO Digital Power

What we do

We combine fundamental Lean and Agile knowledge with our experience in building innovative ecosystems and product development.


The way we are organizing ourselves is changing to a next maturity level. The shift we are all in transcends Lean or Agile. We experience that we can achieve better results in more sustainable ways. 

Or as we put it: by Sharing Leadership.


We never just adopt a mantra for the sake of it. Tried and tested ways of working are applied to your situation. We work to solve a problem and get specific results. Our extensive experience in the fields of Lean and Agile are instrumental to your challenge. They are means to your goal. Never the goal itself. 

We have first-hand experience in product development, having set-up multiple succesful businesses ourselves. We understand that progress comes from doing and learning from experience. 

Why our clients keep coming back:

We get down to business straight away and have tangible results do the talking for us. And have a little fun while doing so 😉


Connect your people around purpose, set clear objectives and take decisions where the information is. Together we build your Obeya and get you up to speed.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Doctor Service

First aid for organizations struggling on the road towards – some form of – self management or innovative power. Usually this takes a couple of sessions/consults.​

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Shared Leadership

Actual hands on transformation towards – some form of – Shared Leadership. You’ll find us on the floor working with the teams and getting the job done.​

Or leave your e-mail address and we’ll get in touch soon!

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Who is FLOCK

We are Bart and Dolf

We are creative and social entrepreneurs.

We combine fundamental Lean/Agile knowledge with our experience in building innovative ecosystems and product development.

We are very different, but have the same view on life

Bart is technical, inquisitive and considerate.

Dolf creative, good with words and energetic.

Dolf has a tendency to make things very big

Bart has a tendency to make things smaller than they are

Our office is a mobile campervan

That way we combine work with being in nature

With Flock we help organizations that no longer believe in the traditional hierarchical model.

We design for shared leadership, autonomous workfloors, transparency, flexibility, focus and speed.

Organizations that – much like a flock of birds – use their collective intelligence to create the fastest, safest, most nimble version of themselves.

The FLOCK ecosystem

Over the years, we have created a whole cluster of organizations, and attracted people flocking around them. An ecosystem, with a strong reference to nature. A healthy ecosystem maintains itself and breathes freely with its environment. Here they are – 

How We Think

We live and breathe the principles and methods of Lean, Agile, Holacracy and Systems Change theory in everything we do.’


We have listed these philosophies for you to familiarize with, and to get an understanding of how we think and work

FLOCK Design for Shared Leadership