RNW Media - Shared Leadership Design

RNW Media (acronym of its former name Radio Nederland Wereldomroep), is a public multimedia non-governmental organisation. Its productions are intended for international audiences outside the Netherlands, especially young people (aged 15 to 30), in countries where free speech and the existence of a free press are at risk. RNW Media has a mission to promote free speech and independent journalism through the use of new media in areas where people are not free to gather information or to form and express independent opinions, enabling young people to make informed choices.

Our assignment for RNW Media: ‘Seamless strategy execution throughout the organization, executed by selfsufficient, motivated and aligned teams’

We have fullfilled this assignment by coaching RNW Media’s teams and leaders using Agile and Lean methods, promoting shared leadership, transparency and autonomy by installing:

– 1 source of information (exchange)

– Apply planning/decision making Rhythm & Routines (Kata)

– Transparency & involvement throughout (Obeya, All Hands meetings)

– Visual workmethods- Strong emphasis on role modelling behaviour at the top

– Explicit role clarification- Quantify progress wherever possible

– Design for trust (learn from mistakes)

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