ABN AMRO - From Hierarchy to Holacracy

We have succesfully joined forces with Het Adviesbureau to fulfill this assignment

GoalTransforming the Operational Risk Management department (about 100 employees) into self-management and agile working with the aim of creating happy employees and optimizing the use of talents.


• Agile, Scrum and Product Owner training

• Educate and coach team coaches in an Agile / self-managing environment

• For the leadership team: development program “leadership in a self-managing organization”

• Designing an agile organizational structure, inspired by Agile, Holacracy, Lean and the Spotify model

• Team coaching on self-managing circles

• Agile scaling: capacity management and prioritization over circles in the “Super circle”. Agile workload management (Jira) and visual management

• Vision and Agile business plan A4 (OGSM);

• Various training courses: communication, feedback, decision making


• Dedicated circles that provide more effective and customer-oriented advice on the bank’s processes on reducing the operational risks;

• An agile organization that is better able to respond to changes;

• Coaches and leadership trained (customer satisfaction 8+)

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