Digital Power

Digital Power - 'Capture our Culture'

Digital Power employs great people, who brought the company succes over the years and they have been growing fast. The Digital Power culture can be characterized as flat, open and responsive. Would more growth mean losing this winning formula? The very success that got Digital Power this far could be the one thing that could lose them their competitive edge in the future.

We were asked to define a trajectory in which the Digital Power crew themselves could define their own culture.

Check out what Digital Power wrote about our approach here.



1) Collect information. 

Set up multiple fun prototyping tracks through audiovisual methods. Have groups of employees make short films, animations, design games, set up websites, etc and allow as much creativity as possible. 

2) Enrich information. 

Each prototype was to be presented to the entire company during friday afternoon drinks. Discuss the choices that have been made and the reasons behind it. Facilitate a true and heartfelt group discussion. Collect feedback from the crowd and have that exact feedback be the assignment for next iteration.

3) Have new groups of employees improve last iterations’ prototypes based on the feedback. Repeat proces a couple of iterations.

4) Slowly and gradually all prototypes will start showing similar characteristics whilst in appearance being completely different things. These similarities are your defining culture. 


It helps to have a lot of fun in the process 😉